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Since 2003, Greg Ingraham and Ingraham Art Works have produced unique public art for clients across the United States. The art works are site specific, creative, durable and memorable. The public art is often functional - benches, bicycle racks, rest stops, gates, way-finding markers and other elements of the civic realm. I thoroughly research site conditions and history, listen closely to the client and stakeholders and craft designs that are timeless and context-based. Materials for public art works include stone, metal, concrete, wood and repurposed items.  I do much of the fabrication myself, work with bespoke craftspeople when appropriate and collaborate with other talented artists, architects and landscape architects. 

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Ingraham Art Works public art installations add value to the built environment. They transform places with added meaning, interaction, beauty, and context, creating memorable encounters for people in those places.


  • Creative

  • Site and context-based

  • Functional 

  • Durable

  • Memorable 

Ingraham Art Work's Public Art 

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