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Public art projects currently in production and design proposals

Skate Eagan Art Bench
Gravel Mining Benches-Cascade Park.jpg

SKATE EAGAN bench. Finalist for Eagan, MN 2019-2020 Public Art Bench Program - Eagan Skate Park. Selection pending.

Four cast concrete skate board wheels and an Oak or steel skateboard bench back. Seats/wheels have "SKATE EAGAN" cast into the tops.  

Pair of gravel mining benches for Cascade Park in Rochester, Minnesota

Design portrays the gravel mining process at this former gravel quarry site. Benches consist of a steel front end loader bench and a truck tailgate bench. Both benches rest upon gravel gabion bases joined by an exposed aggregate concrete pathway section. Install in Fall 2019.

Big Paddle Bench Proposal.jpg
Two Dogs Sniffing Bench Proposal.jpg
EggChicken_Bench elevation copy.jpg

Bench Proposals:


Big Paddle - White Oak, Black Locust and steel


Two Dogs Sniffing - Powder coated steel


Chicken and The Egg - White Oak, cast concrete and steel

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